Bringing the world to young entrepreneurs in Rwanda-and-beyond, developing sustainable futures for a less certain world

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Personal Growth

Gain news skills required for the less-certain world

OpenSource Knowledge

Access content 24/7, wherever you are

Guided Learning

Track your development, never alone

Sustainable youth entrepreneurship capacity building in a COVID-world

Our goal is to develop a Made-in-Rwanda-for-Rwanda youth entrepreneurial ecosystem

Building confidence and resilience in capacities
to innovate and ‘fail well’ by learning from
what went wrong

Offering help as well as seeking assistance
from others to build strong business bonds,
locally, regionally, nationally, globally

Celebrating resilience and success and sharing
it with business, investor and customer


Shibuka is delighted to be collaborating with these organisations

Stories of young entrepreneurs we have guided

“The programme has showed me gaps in the business skills I so desperately needed. I am acquiring the knowledge I need to turn me into a business woman I can be proud of. I now feel more confident that I can confront the pandemic with success and help me build step by step a stronger community and a better future for Rwanda.”

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Ishimwe Christelle, Founder, Nish

“I have learnt a lot of new skills and am now confident and optimistic about the future of my business, building new relationship with potential partners whilst keeping my head up high for a better future.”


Bayingana Bonfils, Founder, Africa Educational Toys