About Shibuka

Shibuka is proudly a not-for-profit local NGO in Rwanda, registered through Rwanda Governance Board, focused on the sustainable development of young entrepreneurs in Rwanda and then beyond in line with Rwanda’s Made-in-Rwanda, proof-of-nation policy.

We are an inter-disciplinary global team of networkers, developers, influencers, researchers, investors, academicians and policy makers, collaborating to find innovative ways develop more sustainable young entrepreneurs so they can develop more sustainable future in today’s less-certain world.

Where it started

Shibuka was born out of a University of Westminster (UK) funded student social enterprise project in 2017-18 involving 40 students from University of Westminster and University of Rwanda.

Following its success members of the university research team were then challenged by key youth entrepreneurship stakeholders in Rwanda to scale up delivery to impact the lives and livelihoods of many more young entrepreneurs.

And so, following further research Shibuka was conceived as a multi-partner opensource global knowledge exchange platform for young entrepreneurs, formally registered as an NGO on 5 March 2020.

How we Work

We take an entrepreneurial, research-driven, user-led and phased experimental approach to all that we do, managing risk with high level pro-bono support, delivering successful Minimum Viable Products and ‘proof of concepts’ before scaling up delivery.

Our #KwaMuganga entrepreneurship programme is an example of our approach. In the first Rwanda lockdown young entrepreneurs were worried for their livelihoods and those they employed. We partnered with the Rwanda Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs and piloted an 8-week online #KwaMuganga with their members on the Zoom platform.  Entrepreneurs survived, became more resilient and confident in telling their stories to their communities, stakeholders and the media and have gone on to achieve more success.

Who we work for

We act as the ‘guide on the side’  for young people 16-30, who have an idea for a business, want to develop new skills or want to create more sustainable businesses.

We help them develop value propositions that will benefit the economy and society, in all cases encouraging them to develop ‘social enterprise’ businesses models that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

We achieve this through our blended programmes, offering a mix of live and asynchronous coaching and mentoring support from our team of global experts.

Our aim is to enable all participants to become more confident in developing their value proposition from idea-to-concept-to-prototype-to-MVP-to proof of concept-to launch.

Who we work with

To develop projects, we enter Memorandums of Association with organisations which demonstrate a clear commitment to youth entrepreneurship. You can find out more details here.

Some of our developmental work involves working with Government agencies on a ‘trusted’ basis of mutual cooperation and development. 

How we are funded

As an organisation born at the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic, in today’s challenging environment we look for innovative ways to support young entrepreneurs. 

Shibuka receives ‘goods in kind’ and pro bono high-level support from public and private sector partners and individuals to lead, develop and pilot innovative programmes that support youth entrepreneurs.

Through a social value investment approach, we seek funding from grant-making foundations, corporate sponsors and others to scale up delivery and implementation so that we can scaleup to benefit more young entrepreneurs, more quickly. 

If you want to get involved and find out more about how you can contribute or have an interesting project then please do get in touch.