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Welcome to #KwaMuganga

We compassionately support young entrepreneurs to confront with confidence the struggles you face brought on by the pandemic. 

With the #ThirdWave now upon us, COVID-19 continues to impact on the lives and the livelihoods of many millions of people across Africa. We live in a more fragile and less-certain world than the one we were in before the pandemic.

Our 6-stage programme, known as #KwaMuganga (a Rwandan word meaning ‘clinic’) is ‘practical’ and ‘of the moment’, providing you with the support you need to transform your entrepreneurial journey, developing market-led, sustainable-solutions in today’s digital economy.

Just prior to the March 2020 lockdown we opened our first online ‘clinic’ for young entrepreneurs in Rwanda. It became a safe space for them to come together and meet others facing similar challenges, to solve solutions and receive new ideas.

Now our international team is supporting many young African entrepreneurs every day through our Shibuka WhatsApp community, this 6-stage programme, our regular #KwaMugangaLive events on Zoom, and sharing their stories of how they are solving their customers pain on our Twitter and Instagram channels.

Crucially this development model guides you to develop a mindset so that you can develop solutions that are commercially viable and that also contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As one of our global experts says ‘…you cannot change the world if you cannot keep the lights on’. That’s the challenge we are here to guide you to achieve.

All we ask from you are three things:

  1. Take your time. These resources are for you to use at your own pace. Go back to them again and again. Developing new solutions is not a race. They take time to develop. We encourage you to take one small step at a time – this is the way to building sustainable solutions.
  2. Come to our #KwaMugangaLive sessions. These provide you with the opportunity to meet other young entrepreneurs like you, share ideas, develop solutions and engage with our global speakers to inspire you to transform your lives and your communities.
  3. Engage with the community. By doing so you will find new ways to collaborate with others, share stories of how you are solving the pain and struggles of your customers, learn how important it is to use social media to create routes to market and new customers, new supporters, new followers.
  4. Follow us on Twitter @Shibuka2021and Instagram @Shibuka_2021 and subscribe to our YouTube channel @Shibuka2020.

By engaging with Shibuka you will gain the confidence to become sustainable change makers contributing to the rebuilding of your community, your country and your continent.

It’s a very collaborative and supportive approach with everyone helping each other. It’s what is needed right now. Everyone needs to come together. Supporting young entrepreneurs in African is critical to the continent’s economic recovery.

We look forward to guiding you to transform your entrepreneurial journey.

Keep your mind open. Stay strong. Stay safe,

Darrell Kofkin and Deborah Rose

Co-Founders, Shibuka