KwaMuganga – Stage 3

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After the first two weeks you have been guided to consider the mindshift required to develop sustainable ideas, the need to focus on the needs of the community and introduced to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Shibuka Shared Value  Canvas.

These concepts will help you develop more resilient, more sustainable, more profitable businesses which in turn brings you more money, so you can do more  good things for your customers, your beneficiaries, your community.

This week we just ask you to ….Reflect, Review, Record

We often forget where we have come from or what we have achieved. Over the past few weeks there may be achievements you have had or challenges you have faced and overcome.

Consider what you are most proud of achieving over the past few weeks or what new ideas you have learnt. Share your thoughts with the Shibuka community. In the notes we give you ideas on how you can do this.

Also, this week we encourage you to continue to work on your Shibuka Shared Value Canvas. When you have added to this you are ready for Stage 4.