More than ever young African entrepreneurs require a supportive community to collaborate, learn, share and innovate new sustainable solutions to aid economic and social recovery.
Welcome to Shibuka’s KwaMuganga!
The pandemic is now in its third wave. As you move through these uncertain times you must pivot from the old ways of doing things and step through a new
door to open-up new possibilities.
You require guides, mentors and coaches that have ‘seen it-done it’ and can show you new ways of navigating through this period-and-beyond so that you
create businesses and not-for-profits that are more sustainable and resilient. And that give you the confidence to do so, and to help others do so too.
That’s where Shibuka steps in, to guide you through this uncertain period.
KwaMuganga is a Rwandan word meaning ‘hospital’. As an experienced team of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship professors, researchers, authors
and policymakers, we ran our first KwaMuganga during the first lockdown in Rwanda in March 2020. You can see a film of some of the young entrepreneurs
we supported here and how we helped them. Now through our online platform we provide you ‘free forever’ opensource access to our six-stage programme to work through at your own pace, whether you are in Rwanda or any other African nation.
  • You will learn the basics of business success, because successful businesses leave clues to your success
  • You can let go of the guessing and guesswork and follow a road map. This road map includes learning how to promote themselves better in the digital world, vital to sustainability in today’s post pandemic Africa;
  • You will become and remain part of a community that teaches you how to let go of feeling competitive, to really learning to feel more and morecomfortable and confident enough to help yourself while helping others, including your fellow entrepreneurs.

There are three parts to our KwaMuganga!

1. Our 6-stage self-development #KwaMuganga programme; taking place exclusively on unique virtual learning platform, powered by Daily
Solutions Group. Please, take your time and work through each stage one step at a time. By the end of the programme you will have a process to take your ideas forward and receive a certificate of completion.
2. #KwaMugangaLive; our regular live sessions on zoom. This is our ‘safe learning space’ where you will meet other like-minded young
entrepreneurs to share new ideas, achievements and overcome challenges. Guided by Shibuka’s mentors and experts, you will also receive access to new practices and ideas to help you develop sustainable solutions that are focused on the needs of the community. You will also develop the ‘soft skills’ so important in today’s world, so that you develop the mindset to build relationships and present your ideas with confidence
to key stakeholders, potential investors and your customers.
3. #ShibukaShowcase; taking place online two times a year, in April and September, you can apply by successfully completing the 6-stage programme. You will be invited to send us a short video of your proposition. If you are fortunate to be selected, you will receive a mentor
to help you develop your proposition further, for presentation to an invited
audience of key stakeholders.
So, what next?
  1. Complete the simple ‘free forever’ registration form here
  2. Upon approval and within a few days you will receive an email welcoming you to Shibuka, inviting you to change your password.
  3. You will then receive FREE access to the Shibuka community and:
  • our 6—stage #KwaMuganga programme;
  • our programme of free #KwaMugangaLive events;
  • free access to past #KwaMugangaLive events;
  • Our monthly e-newsletter with news, tips, advice and ideas;

You are not alone. Together we are stronger.

Darrell Kofkin
CoFounder and Programme Director